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Troll Robber: Steal everything

Troll Robber: Steal everything
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In the world full of strange things, you could be anyone with any special and weird abilities. Bob is such a person, he has the ability that everyone wishes for : stealing everything that he wants and wishes.
If he wants an ice steam, he steals it. If he wants the Iphone 13 pro max, he steals it. Even a car or a helicopter, easy as pie, in a minute, he can get anything he wants. His hands are willing to stretch as far as it's possible, can you imagine the magic? 🤯

Use your brainpower to help him steal ! 🧠🙋‍♂️

– Stretch the hand to move and steal the items.
– Do not hit the obstacles and make sure not to get caught.
– Observe and steal wisely.

– Addicting game play with beautifully graphics.
– Funny scenarios and unique levels that excite you with no repetition.
– Boost your brainpower while practicing game play.
– Provide you with easy hints to solve the puzzles.
– Help to relax in your spare time.
– No wifi – Free – Update weekly.

🕵️ Each level is a funny riddle for your brain, train your brain simply and effectively with this game. 🥰

- add new levels
- optimize performance
Troll Robber: Steal everything
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Unlimited money
Troll Robber 1.6 Mod
Download - 104 MB

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