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State of Survival: Zombie War

State of Survival: Zombie War
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The State Of Survival cheats is an exciting survival strategy in a post-apocalyptic world populated by zombies and other bloodthirsty, cruel monsters. Believe me, and you will have no time to rest. After all, you will have to survive in a new, previously unknown environment with very limited resources and constant threats.

The plot of State Of Survival mod apk is awesome! About six months have passed since a global epidemic struck the Earth. The world has changed. It has become gray, hostile, and cold. Most of the people have died. Others were turned into mindless walking dead – zombies who are only interested in living human flesh. And only a few managed to survive and form weak pockets of resistance. Among the survivors were you. And you have a unique opportunity: do not just exist, adapting to the new order of things, but create your civilization, uniting like-minded people around you. Demonstrate your leadership skills and succeed!

The State Of Survival mod is a very dynamic and addictive game. The tasks that will confront you go far beyond a base’s banal construction and defense. Here you will be:

  • Rescue survivors who can work for the common good (building, fighting, and so on).
  • Conduct scientific research and test your designs in practice.
  • Compete with other pockets of resistance.
  • Defend yourself against zombies and others who would infringe on your power.
  • Develop and improve your settlement.

Simple controls, addictive gameplay, gorgeous graphics, atmospheric sound, and an interesting game story. All this will not leave you indifferent to the popular game cheat State Of Survival. Proceed because humanity is in dire need of protection!

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State of Survival: Zombie War
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