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FaceMagic Mod APK 1.10.6 (Pro/Premium effect)

FaceMagic Mod APK 1.10.6 (Pro/Premium effect)
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***Upload any videos,Swap any face***
Are you bored of clicking and posting the same old selfies on Instagram?
Have you outgrown the iconic pout and are looking for something to shake up this process?
FaceMagic is here to blow you away. FaceMagic is an AI-based face swap app powered by Metaverse technology that lets you swap your face on gifs, videos, photos, and whatnot. The visible growth in AI has produced advancements in games, video games, movies, travel, etc. This app is a unique spin on your regular selfies and pictures as it lets you take a step forward to get creative with your clicks. Make a meme, make your friends dance, or replace yourself in iconic TV shows and movies.

***We have a unique magic feature for you:***
Explore as much as you want through this technology at the click of a few buttons, sit at home and have fun with your friends by sharing your creations on social media. Post content that is so different from your regular photos has fun remaking old photos into memes and getting a laugh out of anything and everything. If you thought face swapping and morphing was a skill for professionals, FaceMagic is here to change your mind.we will amaze you as you morph your face and become a different person in iconic TV and all-time favorite movie clips. Using their face editor and face morphing technology, you may become a famous lookalike by switching your face or replacing your face in memes.

***FaceMagic Features loved by users***
We are pretty sure; once you get started, you will not be able to stop exploring all the features of this app, be it remaking an iconic movie scene or morphing your face on your favorite memes; FaceMagic has got it all:
* With FaceMagic, you can create funny movies or images to share with your friends, create memes about it, or simply make fun of yourself.
* Use the Face Swapping feature with Multiple Faces as FaceMagic allows you to face swap numerous characters at once. You may make your entire group of pals comes together in hilarious compositions.
* You and your partner can smartly place yourself in your favorite movie schemes and share them with friends and family to share a good laugh.
* Use their incredible face swap technology to transform your face into celebrities or movie characters.
* Experiment with live face and gender swaps.
* Send your fantastic face-swapped clip, face morph material, and humorous meme with everyone on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or even Twitter after you’ve made them.
* FaceMagic offers an Up-to-Date Source of Videos, GIFs, and photos that you can use to make trendy content.

– Terms of Use: https://www.facemagic.ai/terms-of-use/index
– Privacy Policy: https://www.facemagic.ai/privacy/index
In case of any questions, issues, or collaboration requests, contact us at [email protected]

bug fixes and improvements.
FaceMagic Mod APK 1.10.6 (Pro/Premium effect)
Download FaceMagic Mod APK 1.10.6 (Pro/Premium effect) 
Pro/Premium effect
FaceMagic 1.10.4 Mod
Download - 86 MB

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