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Nyanko Great War has reached 78 million downloads worldwide!
Very popular all over the world! Anyone can easily play!
Nyanko Battle Game!!
"Kimokawa Nyanko" is Japan, the future,
Invading to the end of the universe!
Opportunity for people who used to play to start anew!

◆ The rules are simple! Simple battle! ◆
Sortie by tapping your favorite cat!
A big turnaround with a one-hit kill "Nyanko Cannon"!
If you attack the enemy's castle, you win!
Even stages that can't be cleared
If you google it, you'll find a strategy!

◆ Relax at your own pace ◆
This game is for you and Nyanko only!!
I don't have a friend who doesn't know the bones of any horse!!
Let's proceed with the invasion with Nyan at your own pace!!

◆ Creepy, cute, beautiful ◆
Nyanko who exceeded your imagination appeared!
Let's see the cats that evolve unexpectedly!
You can peek into the world of cats
Be sure to check out the Nyanko Encyclopedia!!

◆Convenient functions added one after another! ◆
Save the composition of the stage that has been cleared once
Leadership Recovery Item "Leadership"
Zombie attack notification function
Guerrilla stage notification function
People who played before are also welcome!!!
An industry first!? You can start after clearing Chapter 3 in Japan.
"Restart Pack" is introduced at the start of the game!

*You can enjoy "Nyanko Great War" to the end for free, but some paid content is also available.
Presented by PONOS

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